Monday, October 26, 2009

Yummy yummy

When we first tried giving Sawyer solids he would just cry and make himself throw up. It was so frustrating, so we decided to stop all together and give it a little while longer. It only took a couple of weeks until he was ready to start eating. I started to give him those little puff and yogurt snacks that disolve really fast and help them learn to chew. I would break them into pieces so he wouldn't have to do so much work, he would just get a little texture. He loved them. So when I started trying to get him to eat solids again, he was more interested in the food. And now he is a perfect little eater.

He always opens nice and wide for Mommy.

He even likes to try and feed himself.

And when you take the spoon back he's not a very happy boy.

But give him a veggie puff.......

...and everything is okay again.

A happy growing boy.

Slice it up

Friday night we carved our pumpkins. Our friend Roger and Auntie Geri Lynn came over and we all gathered around the table to get to work. Logan picked out a white pumpkin this year and Auntie helped him carve a skeleton into it. Brandon picked out a spider pattern for his and he got to clean, trace, and cut the whole thing. A little instruction on each step and he was off. After the boys were done with theirs, they went to bed. Then Daddy and Roger cleaned the remaining pumpkins and Auntie and I carvevd them. We had a lot to get through for the party the next day.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pun'kin Pik'in

Last Tuesday we had a day of sunshine so we took the boys to the pumpkin patch. It was, of course, Sawyer's first time there so we made sure that he was dressed for the occasion. Brandon had been asking if we could go to the pumpkin patch with the monster truck. He was so excited when he figured out that we were headed to that exact place. It was great watching climb into the back of the giant truck with a big smile on his face. After the ride, the boys got to launch apples at targets with big slingshots. They didn't hit of the targets, but they had fun just the same. Then we went and picked our our pumpkins and the boys played with the pygmy goats. As we were checking out Logan kept begging to go into the haunted house. I KNEW that he would be scared, but I also knew that he would be upset if Brandon got to pick something to do and he didn't. So I bought 3 tickets and Chris took them through the haunted house. It wasn't like a usual haunted house that you go through with people hiding behind the walls. But only because it was still daytime. But at night they turn it into a much scarier affair. So the actual walk thru wasn't all that frightening. But the hallway that leads to the exit door has a rig in the floor that blows an airhorn when you walk across it. Well that scared the poop out of both of the boys and they came out terrified. Logan burst into tears when they got outside. He has let us know over and over since then that he will never again be going into a haunted house. Poor kid.

All in all it was a great evening for our little family and ended with some yummy dinner at our favorite mexican place. I love nights like that.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


At dinner tonight we let Sawyer have a little taste of lemon. Hilarity ensued.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Around this joint you learn to love Disney pretty early on. Sawyer will not be an acception to that rule. While I was at Disneyland last month with my sister I bought Sawyer his first mouse ears. He is so adorable in them! He doesn't try to take them off at all either. I just put them on his little tiny head and he crawls around playing like they're not even there.

Growing by leaps and bounds

Sawyer had his 6 month check up last week (even though he'll be 7 months next week). When Dr Oriel came in to the exam room, Sawyer was standing while holding onto a chair. I thought his eyes were going to bug out of his head when he walked in. He started asking how long he'd been standing like that. I told him that Sawyer gets himself to a standing position and even slowly walks around things when he's holding on. He could hardly believe it. He said that he's about 3 months ahead of where he should be. I have a feeling this kid will be walking before the other boys did. Brandon was 9 months when he started full on walking and Logan was right about the same age.

Sawyer is physically developing right on track. Well, right on track for a Date kid anyway. He's of course short for his age, his weight has started to go down since he stopped breast feeding, and his head is HUGE! They all have big heads. But they need somewhere to keep those giant brains of theirs!!

Pretty soon our little baby won't be so much of a baby anymore :(

It's looking kinda spooky around here!

I'm going all out with decorations this year. Logan and I made a Halloween tree with a big branch we found outside. I had Chris print off some vintage Halloween cards at work for me and made them into ornaments. Our diningroom is being turned into a witches den. I'm working on putting together "potion bottles" right now. I've still got a lot of stuff in the garage I need to bring out, but the garage terrifies me (filled with creepy crawlies) so I have to wait until Chris gets out there with me to help bring it in. But here is some of what we have up so far. I'll post more when we get more put up.