Friday, July 30, 2010

Woodland Park Zoo

Last week Granny Kat's daughter, Jesica, was up from California with her kids, Elias and Alina. The boys love spending hanging out with their cousins, so we tried to spend as much time with them as possible. While they were here we spent a day at the Woodland Park Zoo. We got there a little bit before they did, so we wandered around the family farm, the bug building, and the habitat playground (which the kids loved, since I never let them play in there).

After meeting up with everybody, we headed off to see the rest of the animals together. We visited the Northern Trails exhibits and Sawyer got to see his first bear up close. I wasn't sure if he was going to even notice the animals, or that they were something out of the ordinary. But right when his eyes locked on the bear, they almost popped right out of his little head. He threw his hand up, started pointing at it and babbling up a storm. It was so cute. After the Northern Trails we went to feed the birds in the Willawong Station. Sawyer held his little stick of food out the entire time. He eventually got one to land on his stick. He was in absolute awe of the birds.

The rest of the day was a lot of fun. Most of the animals were out for viewing, which is always a plus. The kids all had a great time together. Until the last 5 minutes when my boys had a meltdown when it was time to leave. I could have done without the screaming and crying in the van as we drove away. But all in all, it was a good day at the zoo.

I am the Walrus


Monday, July 26, 2010

My little dinky guy

I can't get enough of this kid. The cheeks, the hair, the eyes....I'm in love.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little builders

Yesterday Chris took the boys to Lowe's to do one of their kids building workshops. I've always wanted to sign the boys up for one of these and I finally got around to it a few weeks ago. They had so much fun and we've already signed them up for the next one in a couple of more weeks.

For their first workshop they made wooden UFOs. They were each given a kit with all of the supplies they needed which included the wood, nails, stickers, and even a little light to put on the top. You push it down and it glows bright red. They were given little hammers to complete the job and they both did a really great. Along with their UFOs they brought home a certificate of completion and a patch. I think they usually give out work aprons to the kids, and I'm assuming that the patches are for that. So hopefully next time they'll each get one to start collecting the patches on. Maybe if we get them into enough of these workshops, then next summer they'll be ready to build me a new deck! Oh, if only......

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brandon's birthday campout

This year Brandon's birthday happened to be right in the middle of 5 very hectic weeks for us. So his party had to wait until the end of June. We gave him a few different options of how he could celebrate. He decided on having an overnight campout in our backyard. The plan was to invite some friends over, put up a tent in the backyard, BBQ some hot dogs and have a sleepover. When I actually sat down to plan it (which was less than a week before it took place, whoops) I started to panic. I wasn't sure how I was going to fill all of the hours before the kids finally went to sleep. Pin the tail on the donkey isn't exactly a game for a bunch of 9 year olds.

Everything worked out great though, like Chris always tells me it will. My dad agreed to drop the trampoline off at our house so that we would have it for the party. Chris got home only about an hour before the party started though, so getting it put together on time was impossible. Once he started he quickly realized that it was going to be a two man job. Lucky for us, one of the fathers dropping off his boys offered up some help. And 2 short hours later (gulp) we had ourselves a trampoline!!

While the guys were putting it together I worked on dinner. A couple of months ago at a garage sale I got a brand new slider patty maker. So I made a couple dozen of the mini burgers on the grill along with some hot dogs. After the boys scarfed down the food, they took turns in groups on the trampoline. After they were burned out on that for a little bit the older kids went into the house to play some games on the Wii that I had rented earlier in the day. While they did that Logan and Ian (another 5 year old) took advantage of the older boys' absence and claimed the trampoline for themselves.

Later on in the night Grandpa Jerry and Granny Kat came over to see if their gift was a hit and to share in the cake with us. After the candles were blown out, the cake was cut, and the gifts were open, we headed back outside. But not before handing out the gift bags to the boys. I made hobo sticks to try and stick to the "campout" theme. Each sack contained a squirt gun, mini binoculars, a glowstick, and a s'mores kit. I thought it was a great idea, until the kids were standing in the livingroom holding them over there shoulders and almost poking each other's eyes out. Then I made them all unwrap the sacks and take the sticks outside.

We lit the fire pit so the boys could roast their marshmallows, but they all had other ideas in mind. They spent the remainder of the night chasing each other through the trees and bushes and hanging out in the treehouse with their glowsticks. They FINALLY started asking to go to bed shortly before midnight. So we got everybody changed into their pajamas and set up everybody's sleeping bags. All of the boys slept together in the large tent, and Chris stayed across the yard in the smaller one. He said he didn't hear a peep from them after we zipped them in. They were pooped.

The boys all woke up at about 8:00, right in time for pancakes and bacon. When they finished eating they headed back out the trampoline. All still in their jammies. Parents started arriving at 9:00 and the fun had to come to an end. It was a great birthday party.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Boing!! Boing!!

For Brandon's birthday this year Grandpa Jerry and Granny Kat got him a trampoline. Since it was put together two weeks ago, the boys have spent countless hours out there bouncing and flipping through the air. The day after they got it, Logan woke up in the morning, came out of his room, rubbing his little tired eyes and the first thing he said was "Can we go play on the trampoline?"

Monday, July 5, 2010

Trying to get the perfect picture

Lately getting really good pictures of the boys has been tough.  
Sawyer tries as hard as he can to get away from his brothers,

Logan just goofs off and makes funny faces the whole time,

and Brandon has to play "wrangler" to the baby. He always seems to keep a perfect smile on his face though.

Somehow through all of those "Logan, PLEASE just smile" pleas and putting the baby back into position for what seems like the hundreth time, when we cycle through the many shots that got snapped, I always seem to find one that works.

And I will admit it is pretty entertaining looking through the not-so-perfect ones too.