Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When the going gets tough, go to Grandma's

I love being at my grandparents house. It's always been a place of comfort for me. Now my boys loving being there too. I spent many long summer days running around this yard. Running through the sprinkler, laying in the sun, picking carrots from Grandpa's garden, and sending my sister into the bushes to pick apples for me. There was spiders in there, I couldn't do it myself!! It's so much fun to see my own kids having fun on my grandparents property. Right when we get there, they head out the back door and out into the woods. It's a wonderful place to spend a summer afternoon.


I remember back when a Friday night would be spent bumming around Seattle doing nothing for hours and then downing coffee and cheese fries at Shari's until 4:00am. But a Friday night now consists of spending time hanging out with our boys, and then watching TV until we pass out by 11:00. Personally, I like our new Friday nights much better.

So long October

I haven't blogged in forever!! Sorry. I was doing pretty good there for awhile. I'm finally posting the end of Halloween.

The day was very slow paced and relaxing. Grandpa Jerry came and spent the evening with us for the 4th year in a row. We had Auntie and Uncle Matt over for dinner before trick-or-treating. The boys looked great in their costumes. Brandon was a zombie rockstar, and Logan was a vampire rockstar. They both had toy guitars but didn't want to bring them, so the rockstar part was kind of thrown by the wayside.

I finished making Sawyer's costume a couple hours before. He was "Sawyer" from Lost, the TV series. The pajamas I had to order online and they didn't get here in time for our Halloween party so he was a giraffe that night. I didn't get to dye the pajamas khaki until the morning of Halloween and the paint on the chest didn't dry until right before we put it on him. So after all the planning and work, he wore the costume for about an hour and I got a couple of pictures. It was all worth it though, he was adorable. Oh, and that's not dirt on his face. It's his five'o'clock shadow.

Logan was recovering from what we think was a mild case of swine flu. So he only lasted about 10 minutes out in the cold night. Brandon was such a great brother and didn't complain about having to call it quits. They were both really happy for the little bit of candy that they came home with, and we were really happy that they weren't all jacked up on candy for more than a couple of days! Logan was still freaked out over the haunted house thing, so there were a few places that he refused to go up to. But a couple of times he agreed to go if Grandpa took him. After we were done we said bye to Grandpa and headed over to Aunt Courtney and Uncle Jason's house to visit for a little while.

The whole month of October was really great. We had so much fun celebrating the start of Fall. Now we're excited for the next few weeks and all of the fun things we've got planned. There should be a lot more blogging in the near future, if I can keep up anyway!