Monday, March 8, 2010

Little McSawyer had a farm......

For Sawyer's first birthday party we've picked the theme of "baby farm animals". I was looking online at party stores and right when the decorations caught my eye, I knew that was it. The plates and stuff are SO adorable. So even before I ordered the party supplies I hopped on ebay and bought him a baby sized straw hat. I immediatly knew that I wanted to dress him like a little farmer for his party.

Last week Logan and I dressed Sawyer up in his party clothes (overalls, a plaid shirt, and his little hat) and took him down into the valley for a photoshoot. I wanted to put a picture of him in his little hat on the front of the invitations for his party. He of course wouldn't keep it on. I would set up the shot, count to three, and Logan would pop the hat onto Sawyer's head right before I took the picture. But it didn't work too well. He had that hat off faster than I could take a photo!! So even though I didn't get the picture that I was hoping for, the ones that I DID get turned out great. At the request of Grandma Shellie, here are the pictures from Sawyer's farmer photo shoot.

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