Thursday, March 19, 2009

Geez! You'd think we were having a baby or something!!

I've got everything ready to go for the baby. I decided to take pictures of some of the baby stuff taking over our house. Can you tell I'm running out of ways to waste time before he gets here?

This is the most adorable bouncer EVER!! I love the colors
This is the car seat that Grandma Shellie bought. It comes with a matching stroller and I absolutely adore it. I love the black and lime green.

The clothes always seem only big enough for a doll, but then when the baby comes, they are still too big on them! This is just a drawer full of SOME of the stuff that we've got for the first couple of months. I've got 2 boxes still full of 3 months and beyond too. This kid won't run out of clothes anytime soon.

I think these diapers should get us through the first week or so ;) And on top of all of those wipes we still have another box with 8 more refill packs still in the back of the van. Wipes: we've got that covered.
This is one of the blankets and a matching sweater that great-grandma Lynda made for Sawyer.

Here are the other blankets that she's made for him.

These blankets are gifts from the boys. They picked out the fabric and I sewed them together. Brandon picked out the bug material and wanted the brown backing. Logan was dead set on a yellow and pink cupcake print, and it took Brandon and myself about 20 minutes of begging and pleading to change his mind. He finally decided on the boats. Wasn't my favorite in the store, but after the cupcake ordeal, I couldn't fight him anymore.
These are handmade burp clothes that I've been working on. I'm in love with them. One side is flannel and the other side is terrycloth. The are awesome and I can't wait to clean up baby puke with them!! Gross, I know.

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Kenzie said...

You are so gifted! When I have kids I would love for you to make them blankets & burp rags :) Love you!