Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's grab a pole and go fishing!

Another really late post. Sorry. The day before Chris and I left for Hawaii was Logan's final preschool field trip. We went to the U-Fish pond in Orting. The weather held up just long enough for our visit which was perfect. I've never been to that particular spot before and it was really neat. We plan on taking the boys back sometime this summer.

The kids were first shown around the grounds. They got to throw handfuls of "pizza" (fish food pellets) into each of the different ponds. They each contained different size fish. Every time they threw the food in and the fish went crazy eating it, the kids squealed and screamed with laughter. It was so funny to watch them.
After the tour of the ponds, the kids were each given a pole, bucket, net, and bait. Logan picked his fishing spot, and we got his pole all baited up. He cast out his line, I turned around to grab my camera and in the same second he screamed out "I GOT ONE!!" I didn't even have time to take a picture! It was that fast! So we reeled in the fish and got him into the bucket. Logan was so excited, and it was a pretty big fish too. But I needed some photos. So we put some more bait on the hook and cast out again. He caught another fish almost instantly, but I got a few pics, so we were good. Unfortunatly this fish swallowed the hook and bled pretty bad out of his gills into the bucket. It wasn't a pretty sight. And because the hook got stuck, that was the end of Logan's fishing day. We got the fish cleaned, paid for our catch, and got in the van to head home, just as the rain started to pour down.
Logan and his best friends, Eli and JD

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