Friday, August 6, 2010

Ride em' comboy!

Chris always gets so "rough and tumble" with the boys. Being boys, they of course love it. Even though he's been doing it since Brandon was a baby, it still makes me nervous. Whether he's running around the house with two boys on his back, tossing kids as high as they'll go, or bouncing them six feet into the air on the trampoline, he can always put them into fits of crazy laughter. Though my heart has a hard time not beating out of my chest at seeing my kids on the verge of breaking bones, they love it and can't get enough. Sawyer is no exception. He loves riding the bull (AKA Daddy's shoulders). Chris bends this way and that way and Sawyer just screams and giggles in delight. I don't know where he finds the energy to play so rough with them. Three minutes of giving piggy back rides and I'm done. Thank goodness for Daddy!

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Chris said...

I love doin' that!