Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Christmas Miracle!!

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted! There was tramatic event that took place around here on Christmas Eve that kind of threw a wrench into my blogging. I broke my camera.

Chris and the boys went to the store before I woke up in the morning and bought me the prettiest Christmas flowers to surprise me. I was so happy that I wanted to take a picture of them to post here, and as I was arranging the flowers, I knocked my camera off the top of the woodstove and onto the surrounding cement floor. My UV filter that was on the front of my lens shattered and I thought that was all that was wrong. Until I went to take a trial picture. My lens had jammed sideways into itself. It's kind of hard to explain, but the lens was done for. I freaked, of course, and cried and cried. I was so dissappointed that I wouldn't be able to take Christmas pictures. Chris reminded me that I DID have other cameras. But still, it wasn't the same. My camera is my baby! Well, my other baby.

So Christmas morning I took a few pictures with one of my other cameras, and continued to sob at the idea of spending another $400 on a new lens. With another child on the way, it could have been months and months before I would be able to replace it. All I could think about was the different photo shoots I had planned for the new baby and the boys and how now those probably wouldn't happen. But an angel was delivered to me later that evening.
Some friends of ours, David and Stephanie, came over for Christmas dinner and Stephanie asked me to take a couple of pictures for her for her new business website, and I told her the story of my disaster. I showed her the lens to give her the full scope of what happened. She asked for my permission to mess with it. I had already tried to wrench the poor thing back to the form it was supposed to be in. So I figured why not, how much more damage could she do to it. So after about 30 seconds there was a loud POP. Using all of her womanly strength, she managed to dislodge the inner part of the lens out of the jam it was in and pop it back into it's proper place. I couldn't believe it! I almost started crying all over again! She had fixed my camera and I could have kissed her. So with much enthusiasim I took her business photos shortly after that and I've been snapping pictures ever since. So back to blogging!!

Oh yeah, and here is the picture of the flowers from my boys that I took 10 seconds before I knocked the camera onto the floor :D

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