Thursday, December 18, 2008

SNOW DAY!! Finally!

After days and days of weather predictions that were lies, we finally got a good snow day to go out and play. It's been snowing off and on since Saturday night here, but not anything worth getting all bundled up for. We were hopeful yesterday when we woke up to a couple of inches on the ground, but by late morning, the heat started to rise, and the rain started to sprinkle down and it turned all of our pretty snow into a slushy mess.

But waking up this morning, we knew we were going to have a chance. White, fluffy snow has filled our yard and we are enjoying it. It's pretty much been snowing all day and we don't want it to stop! We just came in from playing outside, well Mom and Dad anyway, the boys are still out there. Chris and the boys made a snowman and I took a million pictures. Hopefully we'll get a repeat next week and have a white Christmas.

Snow belly!!

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