Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It finally came out!!

Today on the way home from school Brandon told me that while he was eating his apple at lunch his tooth got moved around a lot and felt like it was going to come out soon. So I saw that as a mission to get that thing out of his mouth.

First we tried to get it out with the old "string around the doorknob" trick. We went through 2 trials of that but I only had yarn, and it kept slipping of the tooth, so we threw that idea out the window. Then he wanted to try breaking it off in an apple, but the only apples we had were kinda soft, and he was scared to bite down too hard. Then he tried just using his fingers to pull it out, but that was just too tramatic for him. He just couldn't get himself to pull hard enough.

I finally called my aunt who lives a few minutes from us and asked if she had any string. Real string, not fuzzy mulitcolored yarn. So we made a quick trip over to her place to pick it up, we came home and Brandon agreed to just one more try with the doorknob. He was not happy with the idea, but I think he was just sick of me bugging him about it. So we tied him up, took a pic of his miserable little face, and slammed the door. Out popped the tooth!! He didn't even notice that it had come out until he felt the empty spot with his tongue. He was completely shocked that it didn't hurt.

After we got the bleeding to stop with some salt water, he was ready to pose for pictures. And then he started asking a million questions about the Tooth Fairy: "What time does she come", "How big is she" , "What does she use the teeth for" , "How does she get in the house" , "How does she get the tooth out from under my pillow without waking me up?" That is the question that I'm asking myself. I just KNOW he's going to wake up when I try to get that tooth out, or I'm not going to be able to find it or something. I'm so nervous!!

So here are the pics of my little toothless baby. Oh yeah, and there's already another loose one!!


Shellie Soares said...

I've been checking your blog every day waiting for the day his tooth came out. You told the story superbly and took great pictures of the event.

I didn't hear about his 3rd place win in the Derby. I hope I remember to congratulate him this weekend :O)

Starr*, your blog is wonderful!!!!

Christopher said...

I'm so excited!