Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

Chris and I decided to make Valentine's day about the boys this year. I made special pancakes with a little "love" sprinkled on top for breakfast, then the boys got to ransack the candy bags I put together for them. Chris took them to the swimming pool at the Y for a little while, and we had a dinner out at the Rainforest Cafe.
It was a nice day. Unfortunatly though, it ended with Brandon being sick and now he's spending today on the couch looking miserable. Poor kid. Oh yeah, and the tooth is still attached to his gums!!! It's still moving, but he says it hurts when he tries to wiggle it, so he doesn't want to make any progress on it :( I'll get that thing out if it kills me!!

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qtbaby4ever1987 said...

Hey Starr! Love the pics!! I think the cutest one is Chris and Logan up close!! Anyway I really want to goto your shower but I don't think it will work out due to transportation. I am planning on buying some stuff for you guys though later this week when I get paid so if you would like to meet up for lunch sometime soon and I can give the stuff to you that would be great!!! Hope to hear from ya soon!!!