Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Logan turns 5!

It's so hard to believe that my little Logi Bear is 5 years old already. For his party this year he wanted to go to Super Jump Party Zone. So we invited a TON of Logan and Brandon's friends to come and join us for a couple of hours to celebrate his big day. All of the kids from his preschool and Taekwondo classes came, a few of the boys from Cub Scouts, and of course a lot of our family friends.

Everybody had a lot of fun. The kids (and a few adults) had a great time horsing around on all of the inflatables. We chowed down on pizza and cake. And with all of the guests that came, Logan got a whole trunk full of toys. Because Logan and I share a birthday, we try to really keep our parties/celebrations seperate. I always want him to feel important and special on his birthday, and I think this year we really succeeded in that.

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Chris said...

Yeah that was a lot of fun. I think Brandon wants to do that for his birthday, too :S