Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sawyer's 1st birthday

I know it's a couple of weeks late posting this, but at least I'm doing it, right?! Sawyer's birthday was on a Tuesday this year, and the party wasn't until the following Sunday. So we decided to get him a little cake on the actual day. He stared at all of us when we sang Happy Birthday like we were crazy.

Daddy blew the candle out for him and then put the cake in front of him. He wasn't really sure if he was allowed to touch it at first. He reached toward it really slowly and then when he realized we weren't going to stop him, he started picking at the frosting. He was taking off the giant sprinkles one by one and eating them. So I took a butterknife and scraped them off so he would dig into.

He started out with little pieces and bits of frosting, but it didn't take to long before he was really going at it. Shoving as much as he could as fast as he could into his little mouth. He had huge chunks ripped off in fistfuls. He went crazy on that cake. He loved it.

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