Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sawyer!!

On March 23rd Sawyer turned 2. Yeah, that's right, 2. I can hardly believe it myself. His birthday fell on a Wednesday, which is one of our "busy" nights. This night was particularly busy though. Not only did we have our church life groups to attend, but Logan had a belt testing for Taekwondo. So when we all got home and were all together for the first time that day, we put 2 candles in a piece of cake and sang to Sawyer. Right when I lit the candles he tried to blow them out. I don't really know where he learned that, but he was on it. So I had to relight them and keep him from blowing them out again until we were done singing.

While Chris was getting plates and forks so the boys could all share the slice of cake, Sawyer decided he didn't want to wait and leaned over to take a bite out of it. It was so funny. After they were done eating, the boys had to go to bed (cake before bed, I know). A few days later we had family and a few friends over for his actual birthday party. Hopefully I'll get around to posting that too :S

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