Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our big strong Daddy

On December 4th Chris competed in his second powerlifting competion, The 2010 Fife Holiday Classic. He worked extra hard for about a month before to get into the weight class that he wanted. He exercised his butt off and really focused on his eating habits. It paid off because he reached his goal.

It's so crazy watching him lift as much weight as he does. It puts me a little on edge, and at the same time makes me incredibly proud. He lifts raw, which means he uses no type of gear to assist him when he's lifting. Some people will strap their knees or wear these insanely tight clothes that make them really stiff to help them. But Chris just uses his own strength.

His best lift of the day for squats was 512 pounds. His best benchpress was 347 pounds. For his deadlift he lifted 540. That's 540 pounds just picked up off of the ground. Can YOU do that?! I'm lucky if I can lift 30 pounds off the ground!

Chris was first introduced to competitive powerlifting by an employee at the YMCA. While Chris was doing his regular workout one day, Mark asked him if he would be interested and has been training him ever since. He's a great coach and a supportive trainer. Chris has been very blessed to meet him.

Even though it was long and the competition went quite a bit over schedule, it was still a great day. I got to hang out with Shellie and Matt while we watched the lifters. The boys were all being babysat for the day, so I didn't have to worry about keeping them busy. After the awards were all given out and we said good-bye to everybody, Chris and I got to go out to dinner. We decided on Jimmy Mac's where Chris rewarded himself with a giant steak and a basketful of yeast rolls.

If you would like to view the videos of Chris' lifts or learn more about his powerlifting, you can go to his blog and check it all out.

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