Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sawyer's Second Birthday Party

For Sawyer's birthday party this year, we went with a Goofy theme. Goofy is his favorite Disney character. He has this little plastic Goofy toy he carries around with him everywhere. I can't even count how many times we've gotten strapped in the car and had Sawyer start crying out "Goo-feeeee!! Goo-feeeeee!!" and pointing toward the house. Then I get to run back in and grab his little friend. So the theme was a no brainer. The difficult part about having a Goofy party, is that you can't get any decorations without having the entire Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang in there also. So we used green, blue, and orange streamers and balloons, and I improvised the rest. With a little help from a borrowed digital projector (thanks John), Chris traced and I painted a few posters to match the theme. One poster also doubled as a "Pin The Nose On Goofy" game.

Another poster we painted had buckets with holes cut in the top to toss fish into (since Goofy is such an outdoorsman). I hand stitched the fish about an hour before the party was supposed to start. Thank goodness for my big bag of random material pieces! Since the few kids that were here fall on the younger side we just let them each play around and didn't really give out prizes or anything like that for games. It was all just for fun.

On the last poster we made, we painted Goofy with his old pal Mickey and added a little twist for some extra fun. I think the adults had more fun with this than the kids did. But it was a hit with everybody.

This party started out as a small gathering of a family and a few close friends. But you know me, I can't do anything small, and it turned into a full on lunch spread.

I couldn't find a cake that I liked in any store, and didn't have time to make one of my elaborate cake creations. So we went with cupcakes instead. Complete with blue, green, and orange sprinkles and handmade Goofy picks sticking in the top. I also printed out Goofy heads to glue onto the front of lunch sacks for favor bags. Can I just say, I love our new printer. I don't know how I went so many years without it.

After lunch, games and cupcakes, it was time to open presents. Sawyer got a TON of toys. He got two different guitars, a couple of different road set ups, a monster truck, an Elmo doll and among many other things, cars. Hot Wheels are by far Sawyer's favorite thing to play with. It was so cute when he would open up a package of cars, whatever was in his hands immediatly got thrown down to check out his new wheels. We got him a bag with a half dozen, and he had to check out each individual one before he would move onto the next gift. Later in the evening, after everybody left, he sprawled hiself out on the floor surrounded by his cars and played quietly by himself for what seemed like forever. He was in Hot Wheels heaven. In total Sawyer received 35 new cars.

Sawyer's party was a big success. And he didn't have pneumonia like he did at his first birthday party! So that's a bonus! Now to get planning Logan's party......

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