Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween 2006

This was the year that we bought our house. We got the keys the day before Halloween so we didn't decorate at all that year. Kinda bummed me out but the payoff was worth it. We had our own home!! Since it was going to be a low key holiday, we decided to take the boys to the City of Auburn's Halloween Carnival a few days before. They had fun playing the games and trick-or-treating down Main Street.

The actual day of Halloween I took the boys to visit Grandma Shellie and "Skunkle" Mike at work. After we were done there, we went home and ordered pizza before Grandpa Jerry came over and went out with the boys to collect some serious candy. Logan was pretty grumpy by that time though so we didn't stay out too long. A few days after we started our move to Bonney Lake.

Oh yeah, and Logan was Mickey Mouse (obviously). Brandon was Jack Sparrow. I sewed the whole costume (minus the white shirt) and even beaded the wig myself. The boys still play with the hat. Except now they use it as an Indiana Jones hat.

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Lyndsay said...

I just thought of this, this morning. I was thinking you could have Brandon dress up as Davy Jones, Logan as Jack and then go to IKEA and get one of those toy chests and fill it with fake jewels and coins and make a big gold coin outfit for Sawyer. That's a theme! Ohhhhh.....or you could dress Sawyer up like a heart so the toy chest could be the chest that held Davy Jones' heart....that might be kinda gross though!