Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I think what this situation needs is some imagination!!!

A few months ago I bought tickets for Logan and I to go see the Imagination Movers at the Moore Theater. They are a kid's musical group that has a show on Playhouse Disney. It's one of Logan's absolute favorite shows. Everyday when we watch it, he runs and grabs one of his hats and a Rockband guitar and "plays" along with his favorite Mover, Dave. I knew he would love it.

When we got there I bought him a replica of Dave's famous red hat. When we found our seats he sat quietly and watched the Playhouse Disney cartoons that they were showing on a screen above the stage. I asked him if he was excited to see The Imagination Movers sing. He gave me a weird look and asked "Is it really gonna be them?" I don't know what he was expecting, but once he realized why we were there, he got a HUGE smile on his face.

The show was great. It could have been a little longer in my opinion (barely made 90 minutes), but what we got was awesome. There was nobody sitting around us, so Logan got to dance around and not worry about running into anybody else.

At one point one of the movers, Rich, came up into the balcony and ran up and down each and every aisle shaking hands with little kids. When he finally got to us he leaned down and grabbed Logan's hand and shook it. But by the time my camera finally focused and snapped a picture, he was already walking away, so the only picture I got looks like he's walking right by Logan :( Oh well.

It was a great show and Logan had SO much fun. I hope that they tour again in the future so we can go again!

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Lyndsay said...

My camera had trouble focusing too so instead of getting a great picture of Rich I got a picture of his armpit because he had raised his arm to shake another kids hand. I hope they come again too...I love them!