Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We've gone to Zoolights for the past, I think, 6 years. It's one of the things that we always look forward to at Christmas time. This year we didn't get to go until a couple of days after Christmas, but it was still just as nice. Grandpa Jerry and Granny Kat happened to be stopping by the same evening that we were going so they came along with us. They'd never been before and the boys were so excited that they were coming too.

So we headed out, stopped at McDonald's for dinner on the way, rocked out to some Jonas Brothers during the ride, and before we knew it we were there. This year we took the shuttle from the parking lot near the marina at Point Defiance Park. Usually we drive around forever trying to find parking around the front gate, but due to some not so exact navigating, and some miscomprehending on direction taking, we ended up at the shuttle area. It kind of worked out perfect.

Once we got into the zoo and started walking around, we remembered why we wanted to voluntarily wander around in the thirty degree weather. If you've never been to Zoolights, you're missing out. It is such a gorgeous place to spend an evening. Pretty much the only animals you get to see are the fish and stuff in the aquarium, but the light displays are what you're really there to see anyway. This year they had camel rides, and the boys really wanted to do it. But due to a lack of funds, and a line that I didn't feel like spending the majority of the evening in, we decided against it. They weren't very happy with us. Maybe next year.

I take a picture of this tree every year. It's one of my favorite things. I call it the Barney tree. It's so bright and pretty. I can't even imagine how long it takes to wrap all of those lights through the thing.

They were pretending to be spiders. They kept trying to scare me by telling me to look at the spider lights on the wall. They think that anything that is even shaped like an arachnid is going to get me to shriek. I'm not sure why they like to scare me so much. Boys I guess.

The giant starry snowflakes are my favorite lights. I want some in all of our trees in the front of the house.

The boys and Grandpa getting warm in the shark viewing area.

The four of them stood there for awhile watching the fish. Grandpa was telling the boys how many different kinds of those same fish he's caught.

We started this holiday season in Disneyland with Grandpa and Granny, it was only fitting that we closed out the season with them too. And I don't know why Logan is making that face. He was being a spazz.

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