Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My big brave boys

Logan was finally big enough to go on the larger rides at Disneyland. At first he was very reluctant to try any of them out. He was even crying as we were pulling him onto The Matterhorn. He HAS been on that before, but he was still really scared. But us being the mean parents that we are, MADE him go on it. We like the boys to try out new things and never pass up opportunities for great things. We don't want them to miss out on something that they may end up loving. After we got off of The Matterhorn, we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain. He was still a little nervous, but not as much as he was before. It ended up being his favorite ride. He kept asking to go on it over and over.

I even talked him into going on Tower Of Terror! We walked him over to the ride and I sat on the curb with him out in front of the building. We watched it for a few minutes and I explained how the ride worked, how they make it look scarier than it is, and how the scariest part is not knowing what's going to happen. I told him that I would sit next to him and I would squeeze his leg when it was about to drop. So after our talk (and a bribe of a toy and a churro) he agreed. While we were in line he didn't whine, or say that he didn't want to ride it or anything. I was so proud of his bravery. When it was all done, he admitted that it was fun, but he didn't want to ride it again. Maybe next time.

On our final day there, we were sitting down near Paradise Pier and the boys were eating ice cream. Brandon was watching California Screamin', the big coaster. We had asked him before if he wanted to ride it and he of course said no. But after awhile of watching other people ride, he decided to make a deal with Chris: he would ride on it, in exchange for a churro. So we agreed, and he went with Granny, Grandpa, and Chris to get in line. I was so nervous for him! He's never been on a rollercoaster that big before, and certainly never one with an upside down loop!! We waited by the take off point to get a picture of him before the coaster took off. The poor kid looked like he was going to throw up before it even started. Off they went! We watched the car and followed along as they rode, and took a picture of them upside down in the loop. When they got off the ride, I couldn't see where they were coming from. I was looking frantically around for my child that I was SURE was heaving in a garbage can near the exit. I heard Brandon yell for me and I turned around to see him running in my direction with a HUGE smile on his face and he screamed out "THAT WAS AWESOME!!" He wanted to go again, but we didn't have the time. I'm so glad that he loved it and that he was brave enough to try it out without any pleading from us at all.

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Christopher Date said...

So brave of Brandon, I was so proud. And he loved it! So cool!