Saturday, December 26, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

We always cut our own tree. This year we couldn't find a good time for us all to go down and do the picking at the farm, so instead Brandon and Daddy went and bought one off of a lot in the valley. I'm always skeptical about buying a pre-cut tree since there's no way of knowing how long ago it was cut, but the tree they got seemed pretty fresh. And it wasn't too tough on the wallet either, so that's always a plus!!
I let the boys do all of the decorating. I put the lights and the garland on and then let them have at the rest. I've always dreamed of having a big tree that's all themed and coordinated, but I've kind of given in to the fact that until the kids are grown and out on their own, our tree will just be a big mish mash of kids ornaments. That's the way it should be though, right?! That's the way the boys like it. They love taking out the things they've made over the years and hanging them on the branches. They especially love making new things throughout the month to add to our growing collection of ornaments. And this year we've added quite a bit.

I was able to get a new set of ornaments of my choosing this year. They are beautiful white ceramic balls with a nativity scene painted on them. They are gorgeous and I adore them.

I was a little worried about trying to keep Sawyer away from the tree, but surprisingly he doesn't even notice it. The only time he really notices is if I hold him up to it and even then he doesn't grab at the ornaments. He just wants to feel the needles tickle his little fingers.

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