Monday, October 25, 2010

Goldie's first excursion

Yesterday  was the first Sunday in I don't know how long that we had nothing planned. So we made the last minute decision to drive out to Forks and La Push. Chris had never been out there and it's such a beautiful place, I thought it was time that he see it. It's a bit of a drive from us, and we left a little later than we originally planned. It took us about 4 hours to get there. The boys did really well in the car considering that Sawyer hates sitting in his seat too long, and Brandon gets car sick. Luckily we had our portable DVD player so they just watched movies most of the drive.

We drove up around the Olympic National Forest. I've always wanted to visit the park, but that will have to wait for another trip. It was rainy and wet the whole way up there and pretty overcast, so we wouldn't have seen much if we had stopped. I do regret not stopping at Lake Cresent to take a few pictures of the gorgeous fall foliage though. The hills surrounding the lake were so pretty, but I was tired of making stops and just wanted to hurry up and get to Forks.

We first stopped at La Push first. I was dreading having to get out of the car on the beach with the boys in the pouring rain, but I knew they needed to get out and stretch their legs for a bit. Luckily we had brought extra clothes for just this occasion. As we got closer and closer to the beach though, it stopped raining. Right on the edge of the ocean was starting to clear up. I was overjoyed. When we arrived at First Beach there were half a dozen cars and twice that many people standing right on the edge of the parking lot right before the beach access. The reason why was clearer the closer we got. It was not possible to get down to the beach. A storm had blow in a ton more wood that usual along the sand, and had covered everything in a thick brown mess of sea foam.The water was very rough and the waves were huge, making it impossible to walk the beach and avoid getting blown over by the sea. Even though it meant we couldn't walk along along the water, it was amazing to see the power of the ocean attacking the coastline. So we just kind of wandered around the edge of the small rocky cliffs like every body else. So we spent our time their watching the seagulls and the waves, getting blown away by the wind, taking a ton of adorable pictures, and, in Sawyer's case, seeing how much effort he could put into breaking away from Daddy over and over again.

After we left La Push we headed down the highway to Forks. It was raining (of course) so we didn't get out of the car too much. In case you don't know, Forks has been made famous thanks to the Twilight books. The popularity of the series these past few years have turned the little town into a tourist trap of sorts. People visit in hoards to catch a glimpse of a certain vampire (or werewolf, whatever floats your boat). But on this particular day, the town looked a bit dead (no pun intended). I don't know if it was due to the heavy rain, or the fact that it was a late Sunday afternoon, but probably a little bit of both. The visitor center was closed, so we were unable to get a map of all of the Twilight sites. Since Chris had never been before I really wanted him to see everything, so I had to go on memory to find them. After we drove around town for a bit we stopped at the Dazzled By Twilight store so the boys could get fangs and a few other little corny souveniers. Then we stopped at the local pizza place and had dinner. Once we got on the road again we popped another movie in for the boys and made the nearly 4 hour trek back home.

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