Monday, October 25, 2010

The Melting Pot

So I was going through some recent pictures and noticed a ton of stuff that I haven’t blogged about! I’m so bad. So here’s something that should have been posted weeks ago.

One of Chris and my favorite places to go is The Melting Pot. If you have never been there or have no idea what it is, you’re really missing out. It’s a fondue restaurant. And it is like heaven on earth. We have always been big fondue fans (I have something like 5 fondue pots). But it is kind of a hassle and spendy to do your own dinner. So we try and get to The Melting Pot at least a couple times a year. Usually once in the Fall and once in the Spring. That’s how it always seems to work out. On this occasion we took Brandon and Logan with us. We figured they were old enough now to be able to handle it.

On our way into the place we were walking towards two couples leaving. As they were approaching us one of the women rolled her eyes and in a very snarky voice proclaimed to her friends (and not so subtly to us) “You don’t bring kids to The Melting Pot!!” I wanted to kick her in the knee and take her down. I was so mad. But I just kept my head held high and marched right into the place. After a few seconds though, I started to panic. What if that’s how everybody viewed this place? What if they had a rule about kids? Were they going to put us in a back corner where nobody could see us? What if my kids burn the place down?! Chris told me not to sweat it, that it was no big deal. Our kids are well behaved in nice places and they were going to do fine. I calmed down a little bit but the women’s comment, and mostly her tone, kept playing over and over in my head, making me extra stern with the looks I was giving the boys as they fidgeted in the waiting area. My fears weren’t relieved as the hostess came to seat us and gave us a “Oh no, not kids!!” glance.

At The Melting Pot your meals are prepared on a hot plate in the middle of the table. So you get to interact a lot with your server. As ours was mixing and melting our appetizer of cheese, she asked how our evening was going. I proceeded to tell her about the rude lady outside and she was just as disgusted as me. She told us not to worry. They have kids in there all the time and it’s never an issue. She herself brings her own daughters, the same ages as our boys, to eat there often and they always have a good time. That really made me feel a lot better after that and I could finally relax.

And of course, Chris was right, as always. The boys were awesome. They were so well behaved. They had so much fun cooking their own food and picking out everything they wanted to eat. I was really glad that they liked the food. They don’t have a “kids menu” there, so we weren’t sure how much they would actually eat. But they chowed down right along with us. The next day Logan asked "When can we go to The Melting Pot again". I told him when gets a job and takes us.

 Daddy showing Brandon how to drench the bread in cheese.
 Logan Approved

 Brandon reading us the dessert menu. They decided on cookies and cream, with milk chocolate instead of white chocolate.
 And she poured in extra cookies, for extra well behaved boys.

 It's good.

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