Monday, October 25, 2010

Sickie baby

When Sawyer had his 18 month check-up, Chris took him for me. While there he mentioned that his breathing was a little raspy, so after a test they determined that he had a bronchial infection of some sort. So they were sent home with a nebulizer and a prescription for Albuteral. Saywer had to have a breathing treatment 4 times a day to help him breath a little better. The first few days he dreaded it. It took both Chris and I both to hold him down and the boys holding up books and toys to try and distract him. But he got used to it and would even climb in my lap on his own and tilt his little head back into position. It made a huge difference and he's doing much better. He always seems to have a rasp though and often gets days where it's difficult for him to breath properly (especially if he spent the night before crying too much), so we might be looking into the possibility of asthma as he gets a little older. For Sawyer's sake though, I really hope not.

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