Saturday, October 23, 2010


Every year at the boys' school they have a walk-a-thon in September to raise money for the PTA. This year it fell on a day that Logan doesn't go to school. So I had the pleasure of taking him and walking the course with him for the 90 minute duration of the event.

I was really looking forward to spending some time outside with the boys......until on the way to the school I realized that Sawyer's stroller was in the trunk of my sister's Snoqualmie. My heart fell into the pit of my stomach as I realized my situation. Sawyer is going through a phase right now where he WILL NOT walk. I don't mean he doesn't like to walk, quite the opposite actually. He runs. Fast. If you try to have him walk along with you and hold his hand, he throws a fit and takes off. So then you have to pick him up to carry him, and that doesn't really help much because he just flings his body around until you're forced to set him down to avoid tiny flying fists hitting you in the face. Then it's back to the chasing all over again. So I started to go into a little bit of meltdown thinking about how joyful my afternoon would be.

When we pulled up outside the school and started to unload, we saw Logan's friend JD and his mom getting out of their car too. We said "hi" and she asked me how my day was going and I told her about the stroller prediciment. She immediatly got wide eyed and exclaimed that she had a stroller I could use. She does daycare for a 3 year old little girl and so she brought it for her to use, but said that we could let the little ones take turns. I could have kissed her.

So off we went to start on the course. Logan and JD took off like little bullets together and left us moms in their dust. Brandon found me, gave me a hug, and ran to catch up with some friends. So much for a nice afternoon walk with my boys, huh?

Logan was cruising around the course. By the time we were done, he went around 7 times! I only went 4. I will say though, I spent about 20 minutes lolly-gagging and standing around looking for Logan. I was nervous when I couldn't see him. I didn't know if I was supposed to stay right with him the entire time since he technically wasn't there for an actual school day or not. What I didn't realize is that while I was standing around trying to find him, the kid passed me twice! I think it's safe to say he enjoyed himself.

During the last half of the last lap, Brandon came and walked with Sawyer and me. He was bored and tired of walking. So we just kind of strolled together. Sawyer was really getting sick of being confined, so we decided to take him out and he walked along with Brandon for a bit. I guess walking with a big brother is funner than walking with Mom. It didn't last very long though. Unfortunatly I had Jeanine go ahead and take the stroller back and the "pick me up, put me down" game began. Just my luck though, we were done. I gave Brandon a hug good-bye, Logan said "so long" to his friends, and we headed back home.

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