Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Logan's surprise party

This year for his birthday, Logan said he wanted a surprise party. I explained to him that it's not really how a surprise party works. He replied that he wanted a Spongebob party instead then. Well, he ended up getting both.

The weekend of his (or should I say OUR) birthday, Grandma Tami took Logan and Brandon to the ocean. The plan was that when they got home Sunday afternoon, Logan's party would be waiting for him. He thought his party was going to be the following weekend so he was definitly surprised when he came home from his trip to find the house filled with friends, family, balloons, and a big "SURPRISE!!".
I struggled with ideas for games and activities to keep the kids busy. Since it was a Sponge Bob theme, we had a Krabby Patty relay race,
we played "Sponge Bob bucket toss",
and had a craft table set up to make jellyfish.

After the games it was time for cupcakes and blowing out the candles, quickly followed by Logan tearing into his presents.

Logan got a TON of Lego sets, a pack of motocross bikes, some cash, and from us he got his favorite book "Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus". He brings that book home at least 2 times a week from school, so we decided to get him his own copy, along with another book in the series.
But out of all of the things he received, his favorite by far was a copy of Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars for the XBox from Grandma Shellie. He has been asking for that game for weeks before it even hit the shelves. He was a bit excited when he opened it.

Even though he ended up getting to his party about 2 hours late, and we had to rush through it after he showed up since people were ready to leave, he still had a great time and was truly surprised. Happy 6th Birthday, Logan!!! Six?!! Geez, I'm getting old.

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