Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Break Shenanigans: Part 1

The first day of Spring Break we took a last minute trip to Point Defiance Zoo. When we woke up I noticed that the weather seemed like it was going to give us a dry day so I immediatly decided we shouldn't spend the day inside. I told the boys I needed to drive to Tacoma to run an errand. They weren't very happy about having to actually put clothes on and leave the couch, but with the promise of getting lunch while we were out they didn't give me too much grief. I took a different route to get to the zoo than we usually take so they wouldn't recognize where we were going. They finally realized where we were as we pulled into the back of the parking lot. They were shocked and very pleasantly surprised.

I took 2 of these pictures, and in BOTH of them Sawyer had his eyes closed.

I decided not to take the Sawyer's stroller with us. The idea of this made me a bit nervous. Given his past of being the "runner" of our bunch, a stoller is usually a necessity. But Brandon was very helpful with keeping Sawyer on the right track and he stuck with the boys the entire time. I was very pleased.

When we were in the aquarium we saw this really cool sea urchin. It was bright purple with white spots and a purple and orange ball in the middle of it. Brandon and I were looking at it and he says "The orange thing is it's mouth and the white dots attract females." I said "Oh my gosh Brandon, how do you know that?" He replied "I just made it up." That kid kills me.

I don't usually let the boys play at the playground areas of the zoo. I'm mean like that. I just feel like we get stuck there forever and it's always at the end of our visit when I'm trying to get back to the van and beat the afternoon traffic. But this time I felt generous and let them play for awhile. I love this picture. Notice Sawyer running as fast as he can?

Sawyer loved the slides. He went down with Brandon the first time, then he went with Logan. After that he had figured out how to climb up the path to the top of the slides on his own. He was in heaven.

After we were done at the playground, the boys were getting hungry. Afterall, they had been promised lunch out, and it was way past lunchtime at that point. So we had lunch in the zoo cafeteria. Sawyer hated being strapped into the highchair and was whining and throwing a fit the whole time we were in there. So we ate as fast as we could and then headed home.

We had a great day at the zoo. It didn't rain a drop, the boys behaved, and there was hardly anybody there, so we almost felt like we had the place to ourselves. It was a great way to kick off our spring break.

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