Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break Shananigans: Part 2

On the second day of our spring break, Sawyer had a doctor's appointment in Auburn. Auntie and Caleb went with us to watch the older boys in the lobby while he was getting his check up. After we were done there we headed over to the Auburn Supermall for lunch and a trip to Super Jump Party Zone.

Logan, Sawyer and I had pretzels from Auntie Anne's.

Brandon and Auntie decided they wanted Hot Dog On A Stick.

After lunch I bought us all a pecan-bon from Cinnabon to share.

Sawyer was VERY happy with that. He was chowing it down.

With our bellys full (and a box of Cinnabons bagged up to take home for after dinner) we headed over to Super Jump Party Zone. Along the way we stopped at a few of the coin operated rides they have placed through the mall. Auntie hopped on the carousel so that Caleb could have a little ride in his Moby wrap.

As we kept walking along the corridor we came across a wind tunnel machine. For $2 you can shut yourself inside and get blown around by 80 mile an hour winds. Brandon and Logan wanted to do it, so I paid the fee, shut the door and let them at it. It was so funny to watch. I was hoping that the wind would blow their long hair straight up into the air, but it was blowing from above them so it didn't work out like I expected. It was still hilarious though.

If you are reading this on Facebook and can't see the video, go directly to our blog to view it.

We finally made it to our bouncy destination. Once we paid the admission and they removed their shoes, the older boys took off. Sawyer was a little hesitant at first to climb around on the bouncy equipment, but once Brandon took him around to some of the areas, and showed him how to climb the ladders to the slides, he was in heaven. It was so funny to watch him go down the slides over and over and over again.

When it was time to leave they weren't very happy with me. We could have stayed another half an hour, but Sawyer hadn't taken a nap and was starting to get burned out. The older boys left with out giving me too much grief, but I think the looks on their faces in the photo I took as we were leaving says it all.

Unfortunatly I didn't take anymore photos of our spring break adventures. But the rest of the weekend consisted of renting movies, lunches out, and a trip to the theater to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. Usually spring breaks for us mean sitting at home and trying to not to kill each other. It was a nice change and a pretty fun week.

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