Friday, January 23, 2009

A busy but uneventful week

Sorry I haven't posted for almost a week and a half. I'm horrible. There just hasn't really been a whole lot going on here lately. We've had a full schedule with all of the normal busy days and nights (airsoft, Cub Scouts, Church, school, American Idol ;) etc, etc.), but nothing exciting is happening.

Logan was sick at the beginning of the week again. Now he's got a little raw spot under one side of his nose from wiping it too much. And then today he was laying on the floor watching Blue's Clues before school and the dog ran by him, or I should say ON him, and gave him a big scratch across his cheek. So his face looks all kinds of banged up. Poor kid.

Oh yeah, we finally got a replacement for Logan's dead fish. This one is all black, the same type of fish that Lemonhead is, and Logan named him Mr. Bean because his belly looks like a big jellybean. I'm glad to say that he is still alive after a week.

I've had a couple of people ask about the layoffs at Microsoft and the security of Chris' job. We are very happy to say that (for at least the next year) his job is not in any kind of jeopardy. Praise God! I spent a little while yesterday morning crying and praying like a mad woman until he called me and let me know it was all going to be okay. They are unfortunately going to cut raises after reviews this year though to help with costs. But we'll take a raise cut over a job loss any day!

Tonight Chris is attending an event at a friend's church in Seattle, so he won't be home until pretty late. So it's just me and my boys tonight with a pizza and a copy of Kung Fu Panda (Logan picked it out even though they've seen it a million times before, how can kids do that?!). We've got a pretty relaxing weekend planned: a lot of sitting at home doing nothing!!

We hope everybody has a great weekend and I promise to try and update this more often. Try being the operative word there.

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