Monday, January 5, 2009

Our new fishy friends

For Christmas Chris and I got the boys a fish tank for their bedroom. So on Friday we went to Petco and they finally got to pick out 2 fish each. It killed them having to wait the full 2 days to let the tank adjust before we could add the fish. Unfortunatly, one of the fish didn't make it through the first night. Right when we got the bag home we saw what was wrong: when the guy at the store was putting the fish into the bag, he squished the poor little thing's fin and it was all crunched up. It was one of Logan's fish, he was all black with light marbley white patterns. Logan named him Batman. We are going to get a replacement Batman soon. We just want the other fish to have a week or so to get fully adjusted before we add another. So here are the fish! Well, the remaining ones anyway.

This is Lemonhead, one of Brandon's fish. He's bright yellow but it's hard to tell in this pic. He was picked because of his cool "mohawk" fin.

The spotty fish on the left is Logan's other fish, Sheldon. The white fish with the red head is Brandon's 2nd fish, Robin.

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Lori said...

I just love your blog. It always brightens my day-- even when I read about the fate of one Batman fish and a short bout with barf! It inspires me to keep mine more updated. I haven't blogged since August-- yikes!