Friday, January 2, 2009

Good Behavior Rewarded

Brandon and Grandma Shellie have an agreement: for every full month that he is good at school and home (that means EVERYDAY), Brandon gets a special treat from Grandma. So finally, after a lot of hard work, he did it! Brandon filled up a full month on his sticker calender, and Grandma made good with her promise. So we all spent an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese's, courtesy of Grandma.
The boys had a lot of fun playing with Grandma, Grandpa Harold, and Daddy. And I spent a lot of time sitting at the table with a sore pregnant back and chowing down on pizza.
Grandma loves her boys!!

Brandon's hardwork finally paying off. Way to go B!!

Logan winning the Kentucky Derby.

Grandpa conquering the popcorn catcher game.

Brandon teaching Logan the best way to cheat the basket game. I'm so proud :S

Chris and his little cup of tokens.

Feeding the ticket monster.

Brandon collected over 300 tickets!

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