Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our 4th grader

Today was Brandon's first day of 4th grade. Yes, 4th grade. I can still remember taking him to his preschool orientation when he was 3 like it was just yesterday. Now he's only got two more years until middle school!! It's insane how fast these kids are growing up.

So this morning on his way out to the bus I took the obligatory "first day of school" photo. He of course made the "I'm too cool to smile" pose. And then gave me a nice grin. Then he was off for the day.

This year Brandon is in a 4th/5th grade split class. From what we've been told, that means he was chosen for this class because he can work more independently and stay more focused than other kids his age. The school seems to think that he's one of the dozen or so kids that fit this criteria for his grade. We're pretty excited and we really hope that he can live up to what's expected of him. We're also hopeful that this means there will be less "riff-raff" in his class to distract him.

Daddy got home from work just in time to stand with me to see Brandon get off of the bus. When he stepped out and saw him with me, Brandon broke into a full on sprint to get to Chris.

Now to explain the change in clothing between the time he left, and when he got back home. We bought Brandon a school coat awhile ago at Walmart and the hanger that it was on said "Medium 8/10". Well when I went to go put it on him this morning before he left, I noticed that the tag INSIDE said "XL 14/16". It was nearly down to his knees. So Brandon didn't have a coat to wear today and he was really bummed out. He asked if he could wear his long sleeve Marvel shirt underneath his new Lego shirt so his arms wouldn't be cold. I told him that he was going to be too warm, but he didn't care. So I let him wear them both. As soon as he stepped off of the bus, I saw that the tshirt had been taken off. Just like I had predicted, he was too hot to wear double shirts. But hey, who listens to moms anyway?

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