Saturday, September 4, 2010


The boys were so happy when they found the snake on their scavenger hunt.

Just a couple of days before this, we went and saw The Reptile Man do a show at the park. Since they were hypnotized by him and hung on every word he said, they knew the proper way to hold a snake, how to handle it, and understood that they could only keep it for a few minutes before they needed to put it back. Logan was getting a little too excited over the snake and it made me nervous that he was going to drop the poor thing, so I made Brandon "in charge" of holding it.

He absolutly loved that little critter and he handled it so well. He loved holding it and having it curled up around his hand. He could have cuddled up with that little snake all day long.

After they were done with the snake they took it up into the bushes and put him in a little hidden spot where he could slither away in peace. It was a pretty exciting few minutes.

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