Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The first snow of the year

One morning in November, we woke up to this...

And Sawyer did this....

The boys were so excited. Logan was dying to get out there and start eating snow and Brandon had a snowbeast he wanted to build. Sawyer was completely hypnotized by the flakes. He loved it. Until we actually went outside that is.

At first being out there was okay. I was holding Sawyer and he seemed interested in being put down and getting a feel for the snow. First though I wanted to get a picture of all three of them before they completely tore up all the snow in the yard.

Then I set Sawyer down in the grass. He. Hated. It. A lot. I know I'm not supposed to laugh at my kids, but it was hilarious. I would pick him up and he would stop completely like nothing ever happened, then as soon as his feet touched the ground he'd burst into bloody murder screams.

He was okay standing on the cement where it wasn't too deep and he wasn't squishing into the deep stuff. Logan calmed him down by bringing him balls of snow to throw and even got him to share in on a few bites with him.

He seemed to be getting more used to the idea of it so I decided to try the grass again.....nope. Still hated it.

So as he stood there and screamed his head off for a couple of minutes (on the walkway, not the grass, I'm not THAT mean), I got a few pictures of the boys playing.

We ended up getting eleven inches of snow! It was pretty exciting.

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