Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Halloween Night

This year we decided to go trick-or-treating with our Cub Scout pack. One of our families lives in a great neighborhood so we all met up and went through there. Grandpa Jerry, of course, came down and went out with us like he always does. This was Sawyer's first year of really getting in on the action of trick-or-treating. He got it down pretty quick. He carried his little sack and trotted up to each door like a pro. He held out his bag very politly when the people would open their doors. If they handed him his candy he would take it from them and put it in his sack, look at them and say "Bye" in his adorable little voice and turn and walk away. It was the cutest thing.

The other two boys were running so far ahead of us with the rest of the scouts, I couldn't get any pictures of them. It was driving me nuts.

It didn't really seem like Halloween. It was kind of eerie. There were hardly any kids at all out on the streets. It was almost like Halloween was cancelled altogether. It was such a nice night out, I was walking around in a baggy short sleeved shirt and tank top. It wasn't that chilly at all. That almost never happens in Washington. I think that organized trick-or-treating events are taking over the holiday. Kinda lame in my opinion. It's Halloween!! Get out there and work for that candy!

After about an hour and a half, Sawyer's candy sack was dragging on the ground and he couldn't carry it anymore. The poor thing was stretched out so much that the wiring on the inside that supported the bag was bending and tearing the material. It was getting frustrating for him because he would trip and spill his candy and have to pick it up. He was starting to breakdown. It was time for us to start heading home. We still had to get him to the car though, so Daddy through him over his shoulder and we made our way to the van. We said "so long" to Grandpa Jerry and the rest of our pack and headed home. Sawyer wasn't happy.

Until we got home and he was given the payoff for all of his hardwork.

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