Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This was only the second time in the ten years that Chris and I have been married that we didn't have Thanksgiving at home. Instead we made the venture up to my dad's house in Mill Creek. We picked up Uncle JC on the way and brought the boys snow clothes to play outside. We planned on being there for most of the day. Unfortunatly when we got there the snow was melting and it was starting to rain. So playing outside only lasted for a few minutes before it was too slushy to enjoy. They were okay with watching 3-D movies in Grandpa and Granny's theater room though.

Granny and I finished off cooking dinner (both of us ruining our nice shirts with grease) while all of the boys lounged around the house doing manly things like: watching TV, listening to music in Grandpa's studio, and talking about computers.

There were some interesting experiements going on in the kitching, including Granny's sweet potato concoction. It was so thick with marshmallow fluff at the top that the mixer wouldn't budge when she turned it on. It was hilarious. In the end it turn out okay though: creamy mashed sweet sweet sweet potatoes.

Grandpa was very proud of his turkey and dressing. It's his specialty. He's actually gotten pretty good at it over the past few years.

There was so much great food to be eaten and it turned out to be a really great Thanksgiving.

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