Thursday, October 13, 2011

EMP and the Sci-Fi Museum

After our Ride The Ducks tour was over we headed to the Seattle Center house to eat some lunch and plan the next move in our day of fun. We decided to take the boys over to the Experience Music Project & Sci-Fi Museum. I didn't have the chance to take too many pictures in there. I get nervous since last time I was there with a friend we were confronted by a security guard for trying to take pictures. So I only got a few while we were in there.

The boys weren't all that interested in the music part of the museum, but they did have fun playing the instruments in the jam room. We waited around for about 15 minutes waiting for one of the rooms to open so we made sure to use the entire length of our turn. The boys each got to try all of the instruments and even Chris got in on the fun.

After we made a quick trip through the music exhibits we took a walk through the Battlestar Galactica Exhibit. The boys breezed through there since they don't know anything about the show. They were more excited to get downstairs to the Avatar exhibit. They had a lot of movie props and interactive stuff to see. It was pretty neat to see the technical parts of exhibit and learn how they made the movie. Please excuse the poor quality photos taken with my phone. Again, my paranoia wouldn't allow me to whip out my big camera.

The boys enjoyed the Avatar exhibit the best out of our visit. I'm glad they got to see it before it moves on to another city. I was thinking that it might be fun to take them to each of the new exhibits that come to the musuem, but the current one is all about horror films. I think we're going to skip that one.

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