Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Serve project

On September 18th, instead of having a normal Sunday morning service, our church encouraged all of it's members to do a serving project for our community instead. Our Life Group decided that we wanted to do something that our kids could participate in along with us. We settled on a project to thank our local fire departments. Each family baked different goodies to package together and the kids made "Thank You" cards for the firefighters.

After laying out all of the baked goods across the tables, we realized we had WAY more than we needed for the 8 stations that we were delivering to. The kids enjoyed sampling all of the leftovers after we were done. There were pumpin chocolate chip muffins, a wide variety of cookies, rice krispie treats, brownies, pineapple tarts, and even a whole loaf of banana bread for each package!

While the grown-ups packaged up all of the baked goods, the kids worked hard on creating some great cards. 
They were all very pleased with their work.
When it was time to start packing everything up to head out and make our deliveries, Mr Taylor noticed that one of the tables wasn't functioning properly so he brought out his pocketknife and went to work on making it right. The serving just kept on going!
Even Sawyer was inspired to help Daddy put the tables back.
After taking a quick picture of the adults.... was time to head out to the fire stations. Each family delivered to 2 different stations.

Sawyer was so excited when he figured out where were were going. Chris had him bring along his own firefighter hat to wear. He is obsessed with firetrucks. He calls them "whew-whews". We were invited to come into the first station we stopped at and the boys were even allowed to climb up inside one of the freshly washed trucks. Sawyer was in heaven.

The firefighter was very thankful and told our boys how much he appreciated our visit. He was the only one on duty at the time, so I think he was excited for the company. He let the boys look around the station a little more and gave them each a "badge" sticker before they left.
The second station we delivered to was empty. We are assuming they were out on a call, so we just left our gifts on the doorstep instead. It was a great day of service and we all had fun doing it. We hope to do more things like this in the future with our Life Group families.

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