Saturday, October 22, 2011

THIS is what tired looks like

It only took a few minutes in the car for Sawyer to conk out. He was absolutly exhausted after our day in Seattle. It was late in the evening though and we were worried that if he took a long nap in the car that he wouldn't go to bed later in the night. I asked Brandon to wake him up when were about halfway home. That kid could not be taken out of his deep sleep.

Brandon shook him and flopped his arms around.

He formed his little fingers into a rock pose and made him play air guitar.

And the creepiest move of all: he pulled his eyelids wide open to expose his eyes to the light. But nothing.

We were all dying with laughter. It was hilarious. Nothing could wake that little boy up. We decided to quit picking at him and let him sleep. But not until we got it on video. Please excuse my idiodic laughter.

And for the record, he went to bed on time that night and snoozed until the morning.

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