Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pac-Sci Standards

We only had a little over an hour or so to get through the museum. So we tried to breeze through the areas that we've seen over and over again pretty quickly. But we did stop at a few of the must-see spots. Chris was blown over with nostalgia when he spotted this balance thing. He couldn't help but jump on. I've always been too chicken to try it. Even when I was a kid I wouldn't do it.

I'm not a fan of the naked mole rats. They creep me out. But they are a staple of the Pacific Science Center. Sawyer LOVED them. He could have sat there all day watching those nasty little things. When we tried to coax him away by asking him if he wanted to go and touch the starfish and replied "No. I touch these."

Logan was at the tidepool before any of the rest of us. He loves touching the urchins and having their spines close around his finger.

Sawyer refused to touch anything. I wish I knew what bothered him so much about it. The girl even offered him just a plain shell to touch, but he refused.

One of the snakes they have is named Estrella, which means star in spanish, and happens to be my sister's nickname for me. It was a perfect photo-op.

While I was compiling my pictures for these posts, I noticed that Brandon doesn't seem to be in many of them. He's becoming very independant lately and likes to just have his personal space sometimes. Whether that be taking a bike ride around the neighborhood without his brother tagging along, or walking through exhibits at his own speed and preference, I've been trying to give him that. Being an oldest child myself, I understand the feeling of wanting to just step away for a few minutes and be alone. He is such a help around here, and he deserves those moments. With that being said, here he is checking out the Puget Sound tides and waterways exhibit.

After our quick visit through the main part of the museum, we moved onto my least and at the same time most favorite area: the bugs.

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