Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spiders & butterflies & worms, oh my!!

I'm not very fond of bugs. But as a mother of three of them, I've learned that boys are. A lot actually. So they were more than excited to get to the bug exhibits. Sawyer, who is usually a bit squeamish around insects himself, didn't have a problem getting right up close with all of the different creatures. As long as they were behind glass.

Anybody hungry?

Seriously, what would you do if you went to a friends house for dinner, and this was what they put in front of you?

Spiders, worms, beetles; none of that is my cup of tea. But butterflies....well, butterflies are a completely different thing. I will gladly walk through displays filled with cochroaches, bees, and larvae if it means I get to spend a little while in a room filled with butterflies.

Everytime we visit a butterfly house, Logan makes it his mission to have a butterfly land on him. He gets so frustrated if it doesn't happen for him. This was one of those days where his efforts were futile. He was kinda bummed.

Sawyer and Grandma Shellie didn't catch a butterfly either, but they were happy just the same.

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